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The Happy Hormone Tracker

Introducing The Happy Hormone Tracker: A Wellness Journal for Monthly Cycle Tracking and Hormone Balance for Women 

While it is available for preorder now, October 20th is the big release day for The Happy Hormone Tracker and I could NOT be more excited!

It turned out to be so beautiful and exactly what I had pictured in my mind. Thanks to Blue Star Press for delivering beautiful masterpieces that capture everything I envision and more!

What is The Happy Hormone Tracker?

This first-of-its-kind! It’s a 90-day hormone tracking journal that gives women the guidance and space they need to track their monthly cycles. It helps them monitor how nourishment, movement, moods, sleep, supplements, and more impact their hormonal fluctuations, because they all do! This is a way to track your hormonal patterns and get to know your menstrual cycle in a more intimate way using a adorable and functional personal wellness planner.

On a basic level, natural hormone tracking is incredibly helpful for knowing when your period will come and end, what phase you are in or what moon cycle you match up with, and when you should use protection or avoid sex to prevent pregnancy. It’s useful for gaining a fundamental connection to your flow. And if you’re trying to conceive, it’s essential for fertility tracking and fertility health.

On a deeper level, tracking can strengthen your body awareness (physically and emotionally) and connection to nature. After 90 days of tracking, you’ll have a strong foundational knowledge of your personal cycle patterns and how your hormones affect your mood, motivation levels, cravings, and more.

How To Use it?

This tracker is meant to be used for 3 consecutive months to gain a deeper understanding of your hormonal patterns and flow. Each day, you make space to fill out the page for that day and reflect.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone! From teenage girls to mature women. Any woman who wants to get to know her cycle and symptoms or patterns on a deeper level. It’s supportive for all stages of life.

The Happy Hormone Tracker includes:

  Health primers explaining the four phases of a woman’s cycle and what to expect during those times of the month
  90 days of daily tracker pages for monitoring ovulation, overall mood, digestion, hours slept, food cravings, stress level, exercise, motivation level, and more.
  Weekly reflections for keeping track of personal habits, self-care, and more.
  Food charts to help you know the best plant based foods to eat for each phase of the month
  And other tips from me, the author of the 2019 bestselling book The Happy Hormone Guide, which goes along perfectly with this journal 🙂 they are companions!

I’m so excited for you guys to get your hands on this adorable tracker and start incorporating it into your daily routine. It’s so fun to look back and see patterns or improvements in symptoms.

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