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Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

A more affordable and low EMF infrared sauna option to sweat it out in the comfort of your own home.

This sauna blanket has been an essential part of my healing and detoxifying lifestyle protocol. A total game changer for sure! Aside from eliminating toxins through stool and urine, sweating is yet another way that we detox and release toxins through our skin, so it’s just as important. Not only that but sweating feels soothing, uplifting and relaxing, and gives you the glowiest skin you’ve ever seen!! Think Edward from Twilight type of glowing.

How Does It Work?

What this infrared sauna does is increase the body’s thermal energy while promoting a temporary increase in blood flow. So you get as sweaty as you would with a really intense workout, but without the workout. Now I would never promote this over exercising because exercise has endless benefits but this is just another tool in the toolbox for detoxing and healing from the inside out. Think of it as a therapeutic anti-inflammatory healing tool that promotes a good mood and activates your parasympathetic nervous system to kickstart the rest and digest mode in the body.

I tend to use my sauna blanket at night for 35-40 minute sessions after a workout, because it soothes sore muscles and burns extra calories, AND because it’s imperative to shower immediately after sauna-ing (to wash off the toxins and prevent them from being reabsorbed). So why not get it all in at once and do some major self-care therapy?! I use it 2-3x per week and feel so healthy and rejuvenated afterward. You can make the experience whatever you want or need it to be. Sometimes I mediate or fall asleep. Sometimes I listen to a podcast. Sometimes I watch Netflix or youtube. It just depends how I’m feeling and what I need that day.

Let’s Talk About EMF’s:

A lot of saunas at health clubs emit EMF’s that are off the charts which goes against the whole point of doing a healthy sauna session! So it’s something to be aware of because EMF’s are not healthy and cause inflammation amongst many other health problems. So something that’s really cool about this infrared sauna blanket is it’s been tested and verified to be low EMF. In fact, it’s the lowest EMF sauna blanket on the market!!

I love how it’s small, portable and travel-friendly while having some extra fun benefits like being constructed with amethyst, tourmaline and charcoal layers plus a medical-grade magnetic strip to provide a super rejuvenating experience! It’s also made with premium non-toxic interior and exterior fabrics, and was designed in part by Dr. Raleigh Duncan who is the founder of Clearlight Saunas. Ahh, its so relaxing.

The Potential Benefits:

  • Detoxification: 7x more detoxifying that traditional heat
  • Anti-anxiety: increases feel good chemicals and lowers cortisol
  • Calorie Burn: up to 600 calories per hour
  • Anti-aging: boosts collagen and produces a healthy “glow”
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Soothes sore muscles and joints

After many sauna sessions, I have a very specific protocol for how I use this sauna blanket!

  • I use it right after a workout, usually at night or after work because it activates the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system. So near the end of my workout, I turn it on and let it warm up before going in the blanket
  • If I remember, I rub castor oil on my liver area before (optional)
  • I lay a thick towel down, wrap my feet in a towel and then put another towel over me because it gets SOO HOT and feels like it will burn your skin otherwise. Or you can wear clothes but I like how the towels help absorb the sweat because you don’t want to be lying in a pool of your own sweaty toxins. Then I can just wash the towels and it’s easy clean up
  • I lay there for 40 minutes at level 8 or 9 (9 being the highest)
  • I shower immediately after to wash off the toxins
  • I clean the blanket with a mix of Branch Basics all-purpose cleaner and the on guard DoTerra essential oil.
  • I always unplug the device in between sessions, then I fold it up and store it in a closet

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I hope you find this post helpful!! I’ve been using this blanket for 4 months now so I knew it was time to share it with you 🙂 I also made a video on my instagram you can watch HERE!

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