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Heinz to launch a plant-based baby food range this summer

Heinz may be primarily known for its superior ketchup and baked beans (sorry Branston), but the condiment giant has also been providing baby food for ninety years.

Now, the brand has catapulted itself into the plant-based baby market with the launch of three new products to celebrate the anniversary.

The Heinz for Baby Pulses range is perfect for parents who are raising vegan children or simply want to introduce more savoury plant-based foods into their babies’ diets.

Based on market research, the range is a response to the lack of ready-made plant-based options for babies.

The three new savoury vegan options consist of Saucy Pasta Stars with Beans & Carrot, Potato Bake with Green Beans & Sweet Garden Peas, and Risotto with Chickpeas & Pumpkin.

Each variety is free from added sugar or salt and counts as one of your baby’s five a day, so you can be sure that your little one will be weaned on the very best natural ingredients.

What’s more, the 3rd of May marks National Weaning Week where you can find out how to make weaning as easy as possible before the launch.

‘We are so excited’

Speaking in a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living, Heinz for Baby Senior Brand Manager Georgina Fotopoulou, said:

“We are so excited to be launching this new range for little ones, made with their budding taste buds and parents’ needs in mind.

“At Heinz for Baby we have 90 years of experience when it comes to making baby food, and we know how important it is for parents to make sure their little ones get just the right balance of tasty and unique texture and flavour food.

“So we can’t wait to see what babies, toddlers and their parents think!”

The Heinz for Baby Pulses range will be on supermarket shelves from June, with an RRP of £0.90.

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