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Adidas ditches fur and commits to sustainable materials instead

Adidas is joining the likes of Prada Group, North Face, ASOS and Marks and Spencer in banning fur and opting for sustainable innovations instead.

Adidas has become the 1,500th company to join the Fur Free Retailer program, run by the Fur Free Alliance.

Other brands already part of the program include the Prada Group, Lacoste, North Face, ASOS and Marks and Spencer.

The Fur Free Alliance currently operates in over 25 countries across the globe, so by joining this program Adidas is demonstrating a public policy against cruelty and supports international efforts to end an ‘unnecessary and cruel fashion choice’.


Speaking on Instagram, the Fur Free Alliance welcomed Adidas to the program:

“We are thrilled to welcome Adidas as the 1500th brand to join our Fur Free Retailer program.”

Programme manager of the Fur Free Alliance Brigit Oele continued, “Not only is the commitment to a fur-free policy compassionate, but it is also forward-thinking.

“Today’s consumers support fashion brands that care about animals and the environment and Adidas’s move towards sustainable materials makes it a leader in that regard.”

‘Sustainable material innovations’

This move away from fur-based materials is not just to avoid cruelty, but also to become more sustainable.

Adidas’ Senior Vice President of Sustainability Frank Henke commented “We have already been exclusively sourcing more sustainable cotton since 2018, and will only be using recycled polyester from 2024.”

Moreover, the brand has been continually expanding its vegan range, creating ‘Parley’ versions of Ultraboost running shoes using ocean plastic in 2017, and launching a vegan Stan Smith with Stella McCartney in 2018.

Adidas has also been working on the first running shoe that is ‘made to be remade’ and developing leather made from fungus (mushroom).

“The number of vegan products with three stripes is growing; since last year, for example, the popular sneaker classics Stan Smith and Superstar have been available as vegan versions,” said Henke.

“The permanent renunciation of fur underlines our commitment in searching for and scaling up sustainable material innovations.”

We can’t wait to see what Adidas innovates next, and we hope other similar brands follow in their footsteps for a more sustainable and modernised future. 

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