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What is Structured Water?

Water is an essential part of life. Our bodies are made up of mostly water!

Hydration is a fundamental health topic that we need to talk and learn more about.

I started learning about “structured water” from Dr. Kathy Yeo’s instagram. She’s taught me so much and is such a light in the root-caused based community. True healthy water has movement and energy, like mountain spring water. It is not stagnant (like water in single-use plastic bottles) that loses its structure/vitality. There are lots of negative ions and antioxidants in healthy “living water”. But unfortunately we don’t all have easy access to fresh mountain spring water, which leads us to making our own “structured water”.

If you haven’t read my post on the Berkey water filter, I highly recommend you check that out!

Water structure determines water function. The structure gives it vitality and allows it to hold memory which is key for healing. It’s extremely sensitive to the environment, just like our bodies! So sitting in a plastic water bottle in the grocery store for who knows how long, after being processed and bottled in a facility and then loaded on a truck, you can see how that water is no longer “living”. And most definitely is not going to be the most hydrating for our cells. We have to put life and energy back into our water.

The primary indicator of hydration status is in our blood. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells, and blood flow has everything to do with the type and quality of water we have in our bodies. So water is like a functional food! So interesting right?

Structured water passes easily through the cell membrane providing us with intracellular hydration that is so healing!

Ultra-filtering water is altering and removing much of the structure so it becomes very thin and less hydrating.

How we bring structure back into water is by adding things like chia seeds, lemon and minerals or sea salt. I learned all of this from Dr. Kathy Yeo! I did not come up with this, but water and hydration is fascinating to me because most of us are chronically dehydrated. Even people who drink a gallon of water a day can be dehydrated, and I believe this is because their water is not able to get into the cells, because it either lacks structure or minerals.

Dr. Yeo also drinks out of a Berkey! She’s not a fan of kangen water because it is run through a machine, and water loses its structure when subject to electricity. It’s also extremely sensitive to EMF’s. She’s also not a fan of reverse osmosis water as it compromise all the minerals. So for me, Berkey water it is!! The Berkey has charcoal filters and is filtering out about 99.99% of toxins and bacteria in tap water that create so much inflammation in the body. Then we create the structure in the cleaner water by adding chia, lemon and sea salt/minerals for proper hydration.

Who knew our water was so misunderstood?! Let’s bring our water back to life 🙂

How To Make Structured Water:

  • Clean, filtered water (preferably from a Berkey) I use a large mason jar!
  • Mineral Drops: 1 dropperful. With 69 naturally-occurring, plant-derived minerals and a dozen amino acids, BioActive Carbon Minerals provides building blocks for cellular energy production, which is needed to support detox. The mineral drops contain 100% organically-complexed, nano-sized molecules, which supports their bioavailability to your body. I love these drops so much, but you have to start slow! Start with 1 drop and work your way up. You can also use 1/2 teaspoon celtic sea salt for minerals if you don’t want to get the drops!
  • 1/2 fresh lemon – for all the detoxifying benefits!
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds – they will start to gel up and that’s what helps structure the water! They also add fiber 🙂

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