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Creating Balanced Health Full Scan

I’m FINALLY sharing a post about the bioenergetic scan that changed my world and inspired me to become a root-cause practitioner!

The scan that beats most lab tests I’ve ever done because it gets to the ROOT CAUSE and provides full-body insight, instead of looking at only one system in the body. Finding the root cause is the only way to truly heal.

The amount of messages I get on the daily about hormones, gut issues, bloating, brain fog, acne, depression, anxiety, weight gain, hormone imbalances, etc. goes to show how much misinformation is out in the world, and how regular lab tests are not enough at detecting what is truly going on; they’re not showing the full picture.

When people ask me what to do about x, y or z or what to take for a certain symptom I now tell them I don’t know… because I don’t know what is going on in their body and my recommendations could potentially set them back. Plus you can’t give health recs on instagram. Trust me, I’ve tried every supplement under the sun. I’ve spent thousands on blanket protocols for candida overgrowth when I didn’t know that candida is usually accompanied with it’s best friends like mold and mycotoxins… and until you clear those things, the candida will keep coming back. Mind blowing, right? By the way, we all have some candida naturally, it’s when it gets out of control and out of balance that its creates problems.

Because of this, I refer everyone to do a full scan from Creating Balanced Health and to see what the root cause could be, for you personally. There is always a root cause to your symptoms (things that doctors don’t test for) such as parasites, infections, bacterial imbalances in the gut, viruses, candida, mold, chemicals, toxins, food sensitivities and more. The full scan shows the areas of the body that are the most stressed and also shows what the body wants to work on first. This is an important point because the body normally isn’t ready to tackle everything at once. There are stages to healing and it takes time. It usually takes 2-3 scans and going through the balancing remedies (just so you know), because new things pop up once you clear out some of the toxicity and pathogens. Think of your body like an onion and once you start peeling back the layers and biofilms, new things may appear which is totally normal.



Something else that is super cool about this scan is it provides balancing remedies that your body attracts to that are also energetically tested to work with your body, basically showing you what your body wants to work on first. It’s fascinating and the future of medicine,  I believe! ALL of these pathogens and toxins affect our hormones and long-term health.

Doing their full scan is what I recommend to everyone for a baseline reading on your health (or if you have recurring miscarriages), along with following the steps in my book to make sure you have a good foundation set in place. The results can be life changing and eye-opening! Testing is always better than guessing. 

First step is to order the full scan from their website, no doctor needed! Then once the kit arrives you collect the hair and saliva samples, and send the kit back in the mailer provided. You’ll receive the results a couple weeks after and you can choose a practitioner to work with to go over your results with you. If you are interested, I recommend working with Kristy Robinson, you’ll be able to choose her for your scan consultation.

I also have a $20 code to use at checkout – glowingfridge.


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