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2nd Trimester Symptoms and Updates!

Hey loves! Today I’m sharing my 2nd Trimester Symptoms and Updates!

I know everyone says this but I can’t believe I’m now in the 3rd trimester… like how?! How will she be here in 3 months?! She’s moving and kicking like crazy and there’s no better feeling in the world!!

February is our month to get her nursery in order (at least somewhat) because we will be living our best lives in Florida most of March. And my preggo brain NEEDS to check some things off our list beforehand, or the anxious thoughts start to creep in. The progesterone is flowing lemme tell ya, and this means decluttering, organizing and full-on nesting mode.

I share a ton of updates on my instagram but Terry has been calling me a momzilla!! HA. He said I was not a bridezilla but apparently I’ve been acting like a momzilla. Whatevs is all I have to say to that. The urge to nest and have all the things mostly ready is STRONG and I don’t think men can understand it. Once it takes over, you start purging, throwing things out and making large donation bags. Terry is somewhat of a hoarder so this gives him major anxiety lol. I hate clutter and am not that attached to things so for me, it feels gratifying to get rid of things and re-organize our home. Like a fresh start for baby girl. Get rid of old energy and make space for her to enter our lives! And he just thinks “what if we need those things someday”?!

But we’ve been making great progress on her nursery so far! Our moms came over to help clear out all of the things from our guest room turned nursery. We’re doing a moon and star theme and of course I’ll dedicate a whole post to her nursery on here but its so darn cute I can’t handle it! Terry did a fresh coat of paint on the walls last weekend and this weekend he will start painting some stars on the wall where her crib will be. I ordered cute star stencils on etsy! Her crib and dresser arrived and I’m slowly adding to her collection of adorable clothes and swaddles as items from our registry start coming in. I know her room doesn’t need to be completely ready because she will sleep in our room for the first few months but I also know I’ll be tired once she’s here earth side and would rather dedicate my time to her than scrambling to organize her things. I can’t wait to wash her clothes and sort them in her dresser! I dream of the day it is complete. If you can’t tell, I’m eager to have it all setup because who knows when she will come!

I know I’ve been lacking with recipes here on the blog but I’m trying to study and finish as much of my practitioner program as I can before she’s here. I will have new recipes soon though! I know many of you are loving the recipes from my new cookbook and that makes me happy 🙂

I have an Umbilical Hernia…

Something unfortunate has popped up during this pregnancy though. I met with my midwives and found out I have an umbilical hernia… I’m seeing a surgeon on friday so I will wait to do a whole update on what they say but it’s been pretty awful and uncomfortable. Luckily it doesn’t affect baby girl at all, it has more to do with how my own umbilical cord healed as a baby and is now being exacerbated from being pregnant. Most women need surgery to fix it after they’re done having babies. I’ve been doing daily core and pelvic floor exercises (yes they’re pregnancy-safe) to try and help close the gap where the hernia keeps popping out but my belly keeps growing because I’m only 27 weeks.. so not sure if they are helping much. The whole situation is honestly so bizarre and I know it could be a lot worse so I’m trying not to complain but it does make me worried about labor because once the hernia sticks out for long enough it becomes really painful and I get excruciating cramping… almost like a charley horse with a lot of tightening in the left side of my belly. I’ve learned to keep pushing it back in to prevent the cramping from happening but am unsure as to how this will affect my labor and pushing. Anyways, I need all the prayers for it! I’ll add the update to this post once I meet with the surgeon.

2nd Trimester Symptoms:

  • Working out is getting harder with the extra weight and being more out of breath, although it still feels good to sweat. I bought a treadmill so I can walk when I please (due to the current tundra we live in) and it has been life-changing
  • Emotional rollercoaster. I’ve been crying at the littlest things! I could cry at the drop of a hat. Tears are on standby.
  • Pregnancy brain has sort of started. I’m just a little more forgetful
  • Insomnia has sort of started as well. Just randomly, but I think it coincides with the new moon and full moon more than anything! Definitely need more naps nowadays though!
  • I hate wearing a bra, except for this one when I have to leave the house! It’s like wearing nothing and I can’t stop sharing about it. Truly a godsend.
  • I now know what real Braxton Hicks feel like! Much different than the cramping from my umbilical hernia. Braxton Hicks is just a tightening that doesn’t hurt at all, but is noticeable for sure. This is just something the body does to prepare for contractions. So interesting!
  • I wake up with new aches and pains on the daily. I really need to go to the chiropractor! But a dull full body ache is just my new normal. The growing pains of being pregnant are real!
  • My appetite has slowed down quite a bit. In the first trimester I was ravenous and my belly grew SO fast! But the belly growth has since slowed down (thank you) and so has my appetite for food. I never feel like I’m starving, just hungry as normal. I think this can happen because there’s not much room for the stomach to expand so eating a huge meal can be super uncomfortable and almost painful.

The Best Maternity Leggings!!!

I’ve tried all the brands. Blanqi, Target, Old Navy, random ones from Nordstrom, lululemon dupes on amazon… and I hated them all. I’m SO PICKY with my leggings because I live in them. They can’t dig in anywhere and they can’t ride down. They can’t be too tight and they can’t make me sweat! They can’t be see through either. And they must be stretchy, not just cotton.

SO, I knew it would be worth it to invest in a couple pairs that are more pricey but will actually make me feel comfy and cute. Again I’m super picky. For me the only pairs I will wear are the lululemon Align leggings (I sized up one to a 6) and now in the third trimester, the Beyond Yoga Love the Bump Maternity Leggings (I got a medium, could probably do a small too). I’m so happy with them! They’re worth it. They’re the most deliciously soft fabric, they don’t ride down and I know they’ll last for my next pregnancy too. I’m sure you already know about the Align leggings! They were my favorite in the first and halfway into the 2nd trimester before the band started getting too tight. So if I’m sitting and working I can’t wear them anymore but if I’m out running errands they’re still good. Why doesn’t lululemon make a maternity legging?! Hello?! LOL.

For loungewear pants I still love these from Target! I have them in black, green and oatmeal. I got a small and they’re still perfect. And also these slippers below are the best!!! And so fun for spring too.

That’s all the updates I have for you! The nursery will be next!

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